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The boat is designed for two,but can easily be sailed single-handed.

Kragerøterna are all built from registered standard design and measurement.
the hull is clinker-built,a pine hull on oak frames.Fastenings are copper-rivets plus stainless steel screws.The meurements are length 5,12 meters, breadth 1,46 meters, minimum weight is 140kg. The rig measures:Mast-height 4,36 meters sprit-boom 3,40 meters and boomingout pole 1,86 meters, all made from pine.
Hull treatment is first linseed-oil and tar,then the final-finish is varnish or paint.There is a thriving interest in these boats,and as well as new builds there are many older boats being restored.

History >>  

In 1938/39 Kragerø sailing-club lauched a competition to desiga and construct a type of boat to replace the unique sprit-rigged of that time.the result was just one entry from a man whose name was Carl. l.lversen. Naturally he won and was imiediately given the task of building the first example.
the first two completed were launched on the same day,in the autumn 1939.Egil borge was given number 1 abd Knut With number 2. From that time until the present there have been 700 of these boats build.
the present day price is about 65.000 NOK.

History >>>  
To obtain the best results in these boats requires not only first class sailing talents, but also quick reactions and top physical condition.the king of this class used to say;"You have to be like a cat in these boats,but if you can sail a terne,you can sail anything!"
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The Kragerø Terne-club was founded in 1975. Their most important task is in assisting the arrangers of the Norwegian national Championship as well as a rigid control of the orginal rules of measurement and updating a complete register of all existing boats. As of this year the number was 170 examples.

More useful information can be obtained from the clubs web site.


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